Adventúra Tréning has operated since 1999 as an organizer of team building trainings, however it has 10-15 years of experience in holding training in the same field. What we offer is professional, tailor made solutions, we organise our programmes in a flexible way, and we also seek to adjust ourselves to the ever-changing requirements. We also have a trainer team, which consists of well-prepared trainers with long-experience in training.

Why are we different?

– We have created an individual profile to our company, offering individual training types…
– In the field that we are specialised we have a professional staff….
– Our company is developing dynamically and our programmes are constantly adjusted to the changing demands. We also make-tailor made programmes on request.

Our trainings are based on the method of empirical learning. Participators will face tasks that are challenging, that give uncommon/extraordinary experience, and also require active participation. In this way everyone can learn the required abilities and behaviour patterns through a personal experience.
The essence of the method is not to demonstrate strength or skills but it is about development, the desire to learn something new and the increase of co-operation. In the business area it is realised more often that these empirical methods provide new possibilities/ open new prospects in increasing both personal and team productivity.

1. Adventure programs
2. Team building exercises
3. In- Outdoor programs
4. Incentive programs


– additional outdoor training programmes as supplements to other indoor trainings
– outstanding programme offers
– event management

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